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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 

There's no place like home

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Wonder how many times that has been used as a blog title??

Well we are home, safe and sound. Got in a few hours later than expected due to a delay in Hong Kong which caused us to miss our connecting flight and the re-booked connecting flight. The fine folks at United re-re-booked us on a pretty late flight but also put us on stand-by for an earlier full flight. I told the gate guy our very tired story (I figured out between leaving the hotel and arriving home, we spent about 30 hours in airports or airplanes) and he so very kindly got us on the stand-by flight. Not only that, but in first class!!! Yay United!

We were met at the airport by Mom, Sean and 3 very special ladies, Wendy, Shelley and Jalan. It was so good to see friendly faces! By the time we actually got home and unwound enough to sleep it was after 2am :::zzzzzzzzz::::

Sean is being an incredible big brother. Hank adores him even though he's (Hank) is a little rough on him. Sean is so patient and kind, really warms a mom's heart!

The last few days have been good. Hank is getting more comfortable and while still *incredibly* busy, is starting to slow down slightly. He'll watch something on TV for 5-10 min at a time instead of 1. He'll play with a toy for a few minutes rather than picking it up and flinging it back down again. Much less hitting, much less pouting and yelling. He's picking up all kinds of English too. He can count to ten in English. Yesterday it was 9 and I realized it was kind of silly to stop there so I was able to get him to add 10. He knows about 6 colors in English, including "ba-looo"

Maggie, our elderly Golden is still pretty scary. It's ok if she isn't moving (a pretty common state for her) but should she walk around or even worse...bark! he shrieks and climbs the nearest adult. Sometimes he'll forget she is there (or forget he's supposed to be afraid) and accidentally find himself standing right next to her. That results in him launching himself in the air shrieking "EWWWWewwwEWWWW" as if she was a large spider or something. I think it will be a little while before busy Boomer comes home.

There are a few more "home" pics if you click back to the main album.

Gotta run, it's too quiet out there...

So glad that you are all home safe and sound. Sounds like he is enjoying his new adventure as are you.

Happy you guys made it home safe and sound! Can't wait to meet him!
Dr. Tsompanidis & Perrino and staff.

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