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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 

Hank at the medical exam

Hank at the medical exam
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That was on Monday (it's Wednesday now, right???) It was a fairly quick once over. Hank didn't mind. He's 104 cm tall and 18.5 kg in weight (both with shoes on) which I think roughly translates to 40" tall and 40 lbs.

Monday afternoon the girls went out shopping leaving the men to fend for themselves with the children. Everyone survived.
Monday we decided ordering in would be a good idea. Jeff called Danny's Bagels and asked for a pizza and a hamburger. The person taking the order kept repeating "A hamburger??" Yes, a hamburger, what's the big deal?? He told me the total was 318 yuan which seemed kind of expensive but it was the first time we had ordered from them. Well, when our food came we got a pizza and *8* hamburgers lol! It actually worked out pretty well. We decided we'd all eat hamburgers and put the pizza in the fridge since pizza is better cold than hamburgers are. Hank ate two whole burgers himself.

Tuesday we did a little walking around. We've been trying to keep things low key which seems to be helping his moods...some...
In the afternoon we had to go over to the White Swan hotel to meetour guide and handle some paperwork. Got the obligatory red couch pictures (it's traditional to take pictures of the kids on these red couches they have in the lobby). We then went to dinner at Lucy's with the Thompsons. Hank was a pistol :::ahem::: there, throwing a 'tude even with the waitresses who were talking to him in Mandarin. After that we walked back to the WS and visited the playroom. Excellent time burning off some energy!!

On the way out we were wrangled into a store by some of the shop girls who were making a fuss over Hank. Picked up a few things and finally got smart enough to borrow a stroller. Made the walk "home" much nicer. Of course no walk home is complete without a stop at the convienience store to stock up on food for the bottomless pit lol!

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