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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

Friday in Suzhou

This is going to be super quick, our guide will be here in about a half an hour and the room is trashed yet once again.
Yesterday it was finally sunny out. We went out to the Pearl and Jade market with Teresa. Wow!!! It's a large building that has about 50 different pearl vendors on the 1st floor and 20 or so jade vendors on the top floor. She knows one of the vendors well, has bought from them many times because they are honest and have very good prices. Very VERY good prices! It's overwhelming, they lay huge hanks of pearls on the table for you to select from. Differnt sizes, colors and quality. You select the strands you want, tell them how you want them strung and they make up your things while you wait. I can't show pictures yet, some people are getting a surprise ;-) I did get a double strand necklace and stud earings to put away for when Hank gets married (for his fiance', not Hank!!).
She also took us to a great little shop that sold antique furniture and all sorts of other small doo-dads.
Picked up McD's for lunch (yeah..sorry, I needed something familiar) and back to the hotel for a little rest. Went to the Suzhou Silk museum and then again, back to the hotel for a nother little rest.Went out for an early dinner, got treated to a full blown typical 5 yr old tantrum. Fun!!!! Actually had to leave the restaraunt shortly after our meal was served. I shoved a wad of money at Jeff and told him to get things boxed up while I carried him out. Now *that* gets looks...American lady carrying blond boy who is screaming in Chinese.
Back to hotel, watched some Gi-Gi Mao and we all fell asleep about 8.
Today we are going to try to see one of the gardens, probably Tiger Hill. We have to check out of the hotel around 2 to catch the train back to Nanjing. Hopefully we'll have a better internet connection there and can get some more pics up.
He really is doing so well, tantrum not withstanding. 97% of the time he is very sweet and funny and polite. He loves to share, anything he is eating he offers to everyone around.
Ok, really have to go!

I am on the BaiChina list and am waiting to get TA for our 4 year old in China! I just wanted you to know I LOVE reading your journey and look forward to it everyday!! Hank is such a handsome boy!
Many Blessings,

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