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Monday, July 03, 2006 

One more

I just remembered! At the buffet tonight I took him up for 2nd's while Jeff stayed at the table. After he picked out what he wanted he started looking around saying "Baba?" There was a Chinise man about 5 ft away. Hank ran over to him saying "Baba" and I was thinking "Ah, ok..any port in a storm" Well he looked at the guys face and spun away from him, looked to me saying "baba???" I took his hand and started walking back to the table. Once he saw Jeff sitting there, still about 15 feet away, he shrieked "BABA!!!!" and ran right to him, passing a few other Chinese men. I thought that was a HUGE thing!!! He was specifically looking *for* Jeff and was happy to find him.

I bet the chineese man was imbarresed, and you got to show him that video!

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