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Saturday, May 06, 2006 

Chapter One

Back in September we were happily a family of three. We had no reason to change that. Life was good, we were starting to think about long range plans and overall were really comfortable with the way things were. Don’t mess with a good thing is my motto.*

Then certain someones (you know who you are!!!) suckered me into looking at the Love Without Boundaries Blog Long story short, from there I clicked on a few links.
A certain little boy with blond hair and blue eyes popped up on the screen
and said “Hi Mom!

The face that launched a thousand pieces of paper.Henry Su LeBai

That was all it took. Well, that and several sleepless nights spent combing the internet to find out more about Albinism, hours of talking with Jeff, second third and fourth guessing the idea and countless IMs with Miss Jumping Around with Untied Shoes Shelli, who was in the process of adopting from China herself.

It was hard to make the decision to adopt Hank. I was afraid it was too impulsive. What if bringing a new little person to our family, especially an almost six year old person, threw things so far off that we’d never pull it back together? I guess that's part of the game. You can peek over the edge, but sometimes you have to close your eyes and make the leap.

All our paperwork is in, we are just waiting for the word from China (Travel Approval or TA) to go over and get him!

*I reserve the right to change my motto whenever it suits me

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