Monday, August 14, 2006 

Birthday fun!

I'm a few days late here and I'm going to cheat and just throw a little bit of video at you

Part two is here

Hank liked the whole birthday thing. I hope he understands this only happens once a year!
We had a small just us party on his actual birthday (8/10) and a big family party on 8/12. Pictures to come a little later...there's a whole lotta pictures!!!

Have lots of other stuff to talk about, just need to find the time! School evaluations, vision evaluations, Dr. appointments...oh wait...that hasn't happened yet.... Aforementioned twit had our rescheduled appt with the wrong doctor...that could be a whole post in itself but I'll spare you.

Thursday, August 03, 2006 

This is why

I don't have many brain cells left for blogging.

Hank had his first appt with his pediatrician scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. I’m using a developmental ped for him, not the ped we use for Sean. Sean’s ped is fine when you need a script for strep throat or an ear infection, useless for just about anything else. Figured no point even getting Hank started with them.

Anyhoo… someone from the office called the night before to confirm the appt. Fabulous. Yesterday morning, I get a call. It went something like this…

Twit: Is this Mrs. Miller?
Mrs. Miller: Yes

Twit: Henry has a 5pm appt with Dr. X? (name changed to prevent lawsuits)
M.M: Yes

Twit: Does he have any health conditions?
M.M: Uh..well…he has Albinism (something I mentioned when I made the appt)

Twit: He has what?
M.M.: Albinism

Twit: Autism???
M.M: No, Albinism, he’s Albino

Twit: Oh…Al-bi-no…well…does he have any health conditions?
M.M: Not that I’m aware of, but we just adopted him from
China (also mentioned when I made the appointment)

Twit: Where???

Twit: Oh…. Please hold

Twit returns

Twit: You just adopted him from China??
M.M: :::sigh:::: Yes, we got home on July 14th.

Twit: And why are you bringing him in?
M.M speaking very slowly Because…we just... adopted him from
China?? We thought he should be seen by a doctor…

Twit: Oh…..

Uncomfortable silence

M.M.: Is there a problem???

Twit: Well, the Doctor has to leave the office early today and we are trying to see which patients can be rescheduled
M.M Fine, that's not a problem, we can reschedule.

Twit perking right up Great!! Can you come in Friday at 10???

Is it me???

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