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Sunday, October 15, 2006 

It's a lot of work to have this much fun!

Today took us to Dorbrook Park and their postively peachy playground. A good time was had by all.

We proceeded to Perkin's for lunch, we wished we had packed a picnic as things were pretty pokey.

After that, on to the Pumpkin Patch. Which only took cash or checks. A predicament. I only had $40 and no checkbook. Pumpkins were priced at .49 per pound. I was predicting pouts when we would only be able to procure around 8 pounds of pumpkins. I wasn't until we had wandered the whole patch and were almost to the cashier with one rather puny pumpkin that I realized my positively dippy math error.

This is why I don't homeschool.

We did find two more pumpkins that passed muster and had change to spare.

Click on Hank to see a few more pictures from this plesant day!

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