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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 


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And a visit to the orphanage.

This is going to be a short one kids. It's late and Hank just went to sleep. I know why he eats so much, it takes lots of food to fuel this much busy!

Our trip to the orphanage was very interesting. Hank was quiet on the ride over but didn't seem too nervous. You always have to wonder if it's a good idea to bring them for that last visit or not. Will it be traumatic or will it be good closure. Thankfully for Hank it was the latter. He really did seem to be popular with the workers, they all came running to see him and talk to him. One lady somehow managed to stuff his backpack full of chips and snacks again.

We were shown around to his classroom and his bedroom. We also got to meet the director and got to walk around the grounds. It is a huge complex, much bigger than I imagined. It's beautifully landscaped with lovely ornate gardens. Inside the children's areas are clean and have lots of cheerful decorations. It's still has an overall institutional feel, but it's obvious there was a lot of effort put into making it as nice as they could.

Hank told the ladies that once he was grown up and had a job, he'd come back to visit ::::sniff::::

Have I mentioned lately what a good, sweet, funny boy he is? I am still amazed at how quickly he has taken to us. He's still seeing what kinds of things he can get away with (mostly throwing stuff) but really, it's no worse than any other 5 yr old.

Sean, we're still trying to figure out what things he likes. He does have two cartoons he likes but they are Chinese, not shown in America (Aeotman and Gi-gi Mao) We found a DVD of one of them today so you will be able to watch them with him.

It's still hot hot HOT and today it rained hard all day. Makes it a little tough to do sightseeing.

tomorrow we are off to the pearl market in the morning, not sure what's up in the afternoon.

More pics at the main album, just kind of tossed them up there but all the ones dated 7/5 are from the orphanage visit.


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