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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Where are we and what day is this???

I’m not entirely sure, lol! Ok, I exaggerate. It’s almost 6 am Wed morning and we are in Suzhou. Yesterday was so busy, didn’t have a minute to post.
Hank woke up around 5 am. I happened to already be awake, not up, but awake. I was nervous that he would be confused and/or upset when he saw where he was. He rubbed his eyes and with a yawn said “Mama, da-pee-en-ma” AKA “I need to go potty” Cool! Still mama! We took care of that and he crawled into our bed for a few snuggles and giggles and hit the floor running.

Had a big breakfast at the hotel. Hank ate his weight in various goodies. It’s kind of strange typing Hank now. We still haven’t used that with him, he likes Su Le (luh) Bai. I’m sure no one at the SWI called him Hank. We’ll give a shot at phasing it in over the next day or so. I don’t mind if he’d rather use his Chinese name but right now he doesn’t know there is another name.

After breakfast we all hopped in the van to go back to the Civil Affairs office to make everything nice and official. I asked Judy to explain to him that we were just going back to visit, he was going to stay with us and *leave* with us. He said he understood but I’m sure it wasn’t entirely clear. The nanny and assistant SWI director were there, we went over to talk to them. Hank didn’t cry but he was very very quiet. He sat with the two ladies while they asked him questions about his day. He was very subdued, giving only the slightest nods and one/two word answers. After about 15 minutes passed, I think he started to really understand he was staying with us and he perked right back up. He got very chatty with them. When they asked what he had for dinner the night before he told them we only gave him cookies!!!! Ok, while he did have more than the daily recommended servings of cookies he had a heck of a lot more than that too!!
He also told them that we had said we had 2 dogs, but we don’t really. He decided it wasn’t true because we didn’t bring them with us (to China!) When it was time to leave the Civil Affairs office he cheerfully waved goodbye to them and trotted off with us.

Next stop was Walmart!! Little monkey man was a chorus of “OOOH! Mama!!” especially since the grocery section was at the entrance. Judy was walking with us while he was proclaiming pretty much every package of food his “favorite” She teasingly told there wasn’t anything that wasn’t his favorite. He scowled at her, looked around and finally pointed at a package of dried fish. Not my favorite. We decided to scoot up to the 2nd floor before we went bankrupt. Going up to the 2nd floor (yes, a 2nd floor!!) was fun! You push your cart onto an escalator/conveyer belt and up you go! Lots of favorites up there too. We let him pick out a few books (Aoetman and some blue robot cat) Picked up a few shirts & shorts and socks. A new pair of blinky cat flashing sneakers and some crayons. Judy said we’d need a 5th suitcase if we didn’t leave immediately.

Oh! Someone just bounced up out of bed! I need to get us all going, we are leaving at 9 to visit the orphanage. Quick rest of the day. 2ishour train ride to Suzhou. Up and down stairs to get out. Scary taxi ride to the lovely hotel. Suzhou Garden View. It’s a new hotel but it was built in the old courtyard style.

He is still so sweet and funny. Smart too! And I’m not just saying that as his mom! Nancy (our Suzhou guide) was very impressed at how well he speaks Mandarin (rather than the local dialect) and how many English words he’s picked up already. I’m sure he doesn’t understand half of them but he’s quite the little parrot. Including running through all his new phrases when trying to avoid bed or when he thinks he’s in trouble.

Really have to go now! I appreciate all your thoughts and hopefully we can get some more pics up tonight!!!

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